Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I am a runner!!!!!

I never thought I would say this but......I love running.
 My two best friends from high school and I have been running since January.
 One of my friends has been running longer, but was sidelined
with some health issues. She will be running a marathon in a couple of
 weeks so her training schedule has been a bit more vigorous. 
As a trio we started with some short distance runs (3,4,5 miles) twice a week
 and a longer distance on the weekend.(8,10) We did a half marathon and
 now the big question is...
Will we shoot for a marathon together?
I think we will.

P.S. Running alone is not so much fun , but running with friends is the best,
especially friends from the class of 1974. That's right. That makes us 54.

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