Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm a closet crafter

A desk of my own.
Wouldn't that be nice?
Most of the time I
sew or craft on the
dinning room table.
I take it out for a few days
then I have to clean it all
up and put it away.
It makes such a mess
everywhere that sometimes
I just don't want to start the process
I kind of like things
organized and put neatly away.
A couple of weeks ago I
mentioned, maybe I did more
than mention, that the
closet in our spare room would
make a lovely spot for a
little desk for me.
  My husband
went to work.
He is so good to me.

It started like this.

and there was this

then this

and now this

It is perfect.
My husband is even more

I'll try to post a better photo tomorrow.
The lighting tonight gives it a bit of a fish eye look
but believe me that desktop is
perfectly level........My hubs would
settle for nothing less:)



  1. oh wow i ***really*** like this.
    if our guest closet is ever rid of its
    contents (lizzie's remaining belongings)
    i'd love to have something just like it.
    going to show rocky this post.
    your hubby *is* a sweetie and did such
    a beautiful job. wow.

  2. It's a wonderful space for you. I like the dark wood as the backsplash and your simply vintage sign.