Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pallet Art

The blogging world is full of really creative
ways to use old pallets. I decided to try my hand
at a little pallet art of my own.
As usual, I am great at tearing things apart,
but when it comes to putting it all back together
I get by with a little help from my friends family:)

 Pallets are built to last
and tearing one apart is no easy task. Now
that I have done it I know how to make
the task a little easier, but the first time was not a lot of fun.
I picked an old pallet because I liked the look of
the old wood. Old wood, old nails = tough job.

 After I got the pallet apart I washed, sanded, stained and
positioned the boards the way I liked and
passed the project over to my husband.

He, of course, changed the
 position of the boards, glued and nailed
the whole thing together and then wired
it for hanging.
(ok, so he is the artist)

We hung it in our dining room and
waited for the perfect stencil. I actually enjoyed
the look of the stained wood and considered
leaving it just the way it was......
  our daughter, Emily, added
the stenciling yesterday.
(ok, so she is an artist too)

  I love the finished product.


  1. ohhh this is beautiful!
    i love this big time much.

  2. I like it!!! And you're recycling!! Great job!