Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Puppies for Christmas.

Best dog ever! That's what my husband says about his
Golden Retriever. She was his constant companion and when
she died he brought her home to be buried in our backyard. He
has always wanted another Golden, so our children decided that
instead of the usual fly fishing gift certificates that they always give him,
this year they would all go together and get him a dog for Christmas.

We found a litter not too far from our home so my oldest son
went out to see them and he put a deposit on one.
That was just too easy.
Two days before we were to pick up the pup, the breeder
 called to say that the the puppies had an eye infection and
needed to see the vet. They ended up having an eye condition
that was going to require surgery. The breeder refunded our money
and the hunt for puppies began again. This time we had less
than a week until Christmas.

After scouring the papers and the internet
we found a litter that was about an hour and a half from home so
Tommy and Emily went on a road trip.

Walking up to the house a litter of fuzzy, tumbling puppies
rolled out of the garage and into their hearts.
Tom was taken with a roly poly black pup and
 Em was in love with a sweet golden.
 Never one to pass up the chance to strike a deal,
the busisness minded Em offered to take two for a discounted price.

So yes.....We've gone to the dogs around here!!!!!

I think he loves the dog, but might be
missing those fly fishing gift certificates just a bit.

The light colored pup is for my husband.
The black puppy belongs to Tom.
Let the puppy fun begin.



  1. ohhh so precious.
    i'm opening my heart to giving a rescue lab (or golden) a forever home. we put our application in at and are awaiting a call. a companion, a furry love to dote on, would be a good thing for me .. these days especially.

    love your family's new babies. oh gosh they're pure gorgeousness.

  2. . . . and that little grandson of yours is just too cute for words. :o)