Monday, January 30, 2012

We graduated from high school together
and have been friends for life.
I never thought we would be runners.

But here we are.
We have been running for a year.
three times a week
 5 am
4 miles on Tuesday and Friday
long run on the weekend

Sometimes it's cold.
Sometimes I'm tired. 
Sometimes I'm sore.
(that's from our boot camp
workout twice a week)

always I love it
well...almost always

This was a photo taken after our first run
which was an 8k. We have done a couple of half
marathons and several other runs, but today we
signed up with Team in Training
and in June we will be running
a full marathon. Not too bad for these hens
from the class of 1974. 

Team in Training raises funds for
lymphoma, leukemia and
other blood cancers.

1 comment:

  1. goodness woman! haha.. seriously though, good for you! amazing. i do believe i'll stick with my walking 2 miles a day. ;o)