Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to School Means Back to Work.

I really do love my job. I am the director of a church based after school program. An afternoon work schedule means I get to be with my grandkids in the mornings, before I go to work. I work two blocks from my house, so I ride my bike or walk to work. We follow the public school calendar, so I get summers and school vacations off.

Best of all, I am free to share my faith with the children in our program. No restrictions on "God" talk. Imagine that!!! We pray and thank God for his blessings and ask for help when we have needs. When problems arise we can talk about being honest and about forgiveness. I get to plant seeds and watch God at work in the lives of these children and God at work in my own life too! I pray he will use me to be an encourager in my work with both the children and their families.

After being a stay at home mom until my children were grown I must admit that I would love to be a full time homemaker again. My husband worked hard during our newly married and baby raising years, making it possible for me to be home with our kids. Now, having a little extra income allows him to enjoy some "fishing time" which he loves, so it's off to work I go and lucky for me.......I love my job.

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