Sunday, August 7, 2011

Country Living Quilt

We had to buy a new washer and dryer this week.
I really do not like shopping for appliances so.........
while my husband was making the big purchase I
wandered upstairs to check out the bedding. I found this quilt
in the clearance bin. I'm a sucker for a cute quilt.
I guess I'll call it my end of summer gift to myself.
Back to work after a lovely two months off.


  1. it's so pretty .. love it!

    a few years back, rocky and i went to sears to buy a gallon of paint. walked out with paint .. along with $2000 of appliances. rocky refuses to shop for paint now. ha!

  2. Ooo ooo where did you find this? I am looking for a red and white one for my room and am on a budget too. It is so cute!!