Saturday, October 22, 2011

art by us

I have a crafty family. We all like the creative
process and someone always
has a project in the works, quite often in our
garage which I have decided will never be empty
enough to park a car inside. I have come to terms with it
and actually I'd rather have my kids out there creating
(making a mess)
than have it all neat, clean and empty of projects.

Did I really just say that?

There are stacks of wood because
"someone might need it for a project".
There are yard sale finds
that need a little fixing up
and oh so much more......

So this year our crafty family has
decided that it will be an
entirely handmade Christmas.
They have all drawn names and
the garage is sure to be a busy place
in the next couple of months.
PS. Personally, most of my artsy, crafty creating
will be done at my new desk, inside, where it is
nice and neat and clean, most of the time:)
Except for the knitting, where I will plant myself on
the couch for hours on end.

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