Monday, June 18, 2012

Did it

I'm not really one to create a
bucket list, but if I had a list I could check off
this one..........

~run a marathon~

Yes, I trained for 5 months with
Team in Training and it was one of
the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Yes, two days before the run I came down with a
fever and cough. The morning of the race I thought I
was feeling pretty good so I  
sucked it up and ran anyway. Probably not the
smartest thing I've ever done because it has taken me
a couple of weeks to recover from the flu or
whatever it was that I had.

But, what was I to do? I had already bought the shirt.
26.2 in big numbers....right across the front of the shirt.
And that big marathon medal. I needed that medal.

So with my best friends from high school
and with the support of our families and so
many good friends....We did it!

tattoos were temporary
friends are forever

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